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Meet the Team

Todd Sexton

Todd played baseball in high school, college, and still plays in an amateur men's league. His biggest enjoyment from CrossFit is the team and family environment. “I always played for my team. I never really cared about how I stacked up against other people as long as the team was successful and I got better.” Codifying that gym rat mentality, always having to work harder to make the team or earn playing time, has served him well in life.


Todd loves that he can still tap into that hard working team mindset here at GRIT.

Cory Eyink

Cory has been an athlete his entire life. After playing D1 college basketball he had trouble finding a workout that could challenge him physically and mentally. In 2012 he was introduced to CrossFit by his older brother and never looked back. "I believe physical and mental fitness are extremely important in living a balanced life."


In his free time Cory loves to spend time with his wife Kelly and dog Milo, both frequenters of the gym. Cory is also the "unofficial" tallest CrossFit coach in the world! 

Matt Stone

Matthew played multiple sports from a young age.  "From water polo, ice hockey, to skiing; I've tried it."  Matthew holds a Bachelor's degree in exercise science and worked as a personal trainer until obtaining a Master's degree in nursing from The Ohio State University. Matthew’s love of fitness and proper movement is palpable and contagious. 


If he’s not at the gym you will find him reading non-fiction literature and finishing a pot of coffee... or two. 

David Powell

David is a masters athlete. If it hurts, and it's competitive, he's probably done it, from track and wrestling in high school, to martial arts, long distance running, weightlifting, and boxing in his twenties and thirties. David found his home in CrossFit, where he's been a student and athlete for the past 5 years.


"I have enjoyed the thrill of competition and the agony of, well, you know. Come learn and have fun with us!"

Jim O'Shea

Jim grew up playing baseball and running track. He was on a traveling ultimate frisbee club team in college. He has dedicated the past ten years to improving his running, competing in three marathons and many other half marathons and 5k’s.  Five years ago, Jim found CrossFit. "I want to help others tap into their athletic side by creating a balance between aerobic capacity (yes, some running) and CrossFit specific movements."


When Jim isn’t at GRIT, you’ll catch him snowboarding out West or hanging with his dog, Whiskey.

Beth Bennett

Growing up, Beth was the smart and sporty one, specializing in math and soccer. Without an athletic outlet she lost a bit of her identity as an adult until she found CrossFit in her late thirties. "I believe a strong mind needs a strong body. As an educator, I'm all about encouraging girls in math and science. Through training, I hope to encourage them to be physically strong as well."


During her free time, Beth enjoys gardening, photography and writing in her various journals.

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